Honestly, in what terrible place would someone be judged based on something like that?

Otter needs a new computer


Hey tumblr! We could really use your help. My boyfriend's computer is really old and barely works anymore, and he desperately needs a new one. Unfortunately, things are a little rough financially right now so it's not an easy task.

He’s such an amazing person that really deserves a decent computer, so trying to help is the least I can do. I don’t have much to give myself, so I put a donation button on my blog, and if you have anything to spare we’d really appreciate it if you donated. Every cent helps. And if you can’t donate, then please spread this around so others see it.

As soon as I’m able to I’ll start doing commissions again to raise more money, but for now this is the only option.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, lovely followers.

((Figured I should reblog this here too. Can anyone help?))

fuck off my dash i didn't even follow your shit

Woa there buddy

All I do is draw the stuff, can’t control whose dash it ends up on

Go calm down and drink some hot cocoa or something, I promise everything is gonna be alright

Trixie: That’s how it’s done, right?

Nothing much, really.